Saturday, June 6, 2009


We live in the country where there can be plenty of excitement: possums, raccoons, bunnies (lots of bunnies), bobcats, coyotes, ... you get the picture. At the same time, we're house dogs, all of us. So I'd have to say that skunks might be the most exciting. When they're around there's always the possibility that we'll want in and Mama will scream, slam the door in our faces and run to get her skunk remedy.

She keeps this stuff on hand at all times: a quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda (1/4 cup), and liquid soap (about 2 teaspoons). She mixes this stuff up with water and we get a bath pronto. She once tried the tomato juice remedy... it tasted good, but didn't do a thing for the smell. Anyway, Mama found the recipe on the web and a guy who's a chemist, Paul Krebaum, deserves the credit. In fact, he's got a web site with all the instructions. Mama says there should be a thousand blessings on his head for figuring out this formula - because it works!

From our point of view, none of us is all that crazy about getting a bath. But then, none of us is all that crazy about smelling like a skunk! In fact, we sort of hang our heads and feel stupid when we fall for that chase-a-skunk thing.

Last night we'd all gone to bed with the windows open. There was a lovely breeze and it was nice to listen to the birds sing and the coyotes yip. And then.... pee-yoo! Heavy duty SKUNK. I was glad I was all comfy and cozy in my bed and not outside!

My advice is to stay away from those black and white critters - they'll get you every time. But if you can't resist, be sure your person has this recipe!

Woof! woof!


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