Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite Dog Bone Jewelry Gifts at For Love of a Dog

Recently I've shared some of my favorite new creations including "The Rosie" and "Big Heart" necklaces.  Since our August giveaway is a copper dog bone necklace, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pieces of dog bone jewelry.

Because most of my dogs have been mixed breed mutts, my dog breed jewelry just doesn't cut it for me personally.  Dog bones have been my favorite theme for years and I still love them.

It's hard to pick a favorite from, but I think I'd have to say I simply adore the turquoise lampwork bracelet shown above.  I know some don't like the term "dog mom,"  but around my house I am the dog mama and my dogs are my favorite babies.  I love the pretty white and turquoise daisy floral lampwork beads combines with sparkling turquoise faceted crystal rondelle beads.  Plus, the dog collar and dog bone toggle clasp makes me smile.

Here's another one of kind favorite from my rescue dog bone themed pieces,
my Adopt a Best Friend Dog Bone Lampwork Bracelet shown below:

I like the lively color combination of deep sky blue with deep rose and a hint of peridot green.  Such pretty little roses on these handmade lampwork beads.  Besides, I love the message of adopting a best friend. 

The WOOF dog bone necklace shown below appeals to me because of it's neutral caramel and biscuit brown colors.  Plus, it's so much fun!

Awhile back I imported some Ojime dog carvings from a craftsman in Hong Kong. They're rare and lovely!  I used one in in this dog bone and freshwater pearl necklace:

Though I'd have to say I really enjoy wearing almost all the styles of dog bone themed earrings I create, I dearly love dog bones combined with hearts like in these earrings shown below.  These could easily be called "For Love of a Dog Earrings."
OMD, it is so hard to just pick a few favorites to share with you!  If I could keep and wear them all, I probably would.  However, For Love of a Dog keeps me from being a dog jewelry hoarder!

Fetch more dog bone themed jewelry and so much more from my online shop.  You'll find barking good gifts for dog, cat and horse lovers.   

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  1. I just LOVE your jewelry! The first one is absolutely adorable.

  2. It's pretty impossible for me to pick a favorite! That Ojime carving is really cool!

  3. The giveaway one is just so perfect for a lab mom!

  4. You do fabulous work. I have a bracelet picked out for me this Christmas! ☺


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