Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thousand Points of Love Dog Photo Campaign | Cardinal Pet Care

Every dog makes a difference in someone’s life; so imagine what a thousand dogs can do! With the help of their human companions, these dogs can create a generous donation to a great cause, at no cost to those pet parents.

Cardinal Pet Care will be donating $1,000 to the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation (CPCF), that’s $1.00 for each photo of a pet dog emailed to the company for use in its Thousand Points Of Love campaign. CPCF will award a grant in that amount to Canines for Disabled Kids. The 1,000 dog photos will be ‘photoshopped’ together to make an enormous heart-shaped poster that demonstrates the loving bond shared between people and pets.  

Pet lovers can email a photo of their dogs (one per pet) to
During the campaign, anyone can see progress reports as the heart get filled with pet photos by clicking (

Participation in this project is open to anyone who owns a dog. The first 1000 owners to email Cardinal Pet Care photos will have their pet immortalized in the collectable poster.  It’s free to contribute, but sending in a photo will still make a difference in donating to this great cause.  Replicas of the completed poster will be available to be downloaded at no charge from the Cardinal Pet Care website.

Barbara Denzer, vice president of Cardinal Pet Care explained why the company initiated this fund-raising project.  “We wanted to give our customers a chance to contribute to this great cause without asking them for a monetary donation.  Photos of their pets are a far more personal and emotional donation. The project is a great way to support the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation and Canines for Disabled Kids and it gives us a chance to connect personally with our customers and their pets.”

The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation’s Grant program was established in 2009 by Cardinal Pet Care CEO Tony de Vos to support groups that teach children about pet care and strengthen bonds between animals and youth, or promote the training of pets.  The CPCF understands the importance of youth learning to care for animals, in helping them develop sympathy, empathy and caring.  It also creates respect for people and animals and helps children develop confidence. 

Learn more about Cardinal Pet Care, a solar powered company “Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet” at 

Learn more about the Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation and make a donation, or apply for a grant, at  

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