Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Safe Gardening with Dogs

Its that time of year again and here are some tips for gardening safely with dogs.

* Garden organically for the sake of the planet and your dogs.

* Raised beds protect plantings from paws and tails

* Digging pits, preferably in shaded locations, give dogs places to practice their excavation skills without disrupting your garden beds.

* Leave a plant free patrol area around the perimeter of your yard. Dogs instinctively and repeatedly cruise boundaries and fence lines.

* Construct a barrier arround plants of the nightshade family, including eggplant, tomato and potato. There foliage and stems contain dangerous alkaloids that can kill a dog.

* Avoid cocoa bean mulches. Their chocolaty smell makes them pup catnip, but they contain chemical substance which is toxic for dogs.

* Cross almond or walnut trees off your list for areas used by dogs. Tanin is a canine toxin and almond and walnuts hulls contain it. Moldy walnuts are also a problem.

* Do not use snail bait containing metaldehyde, which is highly poisnous to dogs and cats. Copper barrier tape is a good alternative. Slugs and snails are deterred from crossing it by the tape’s tiny positive electric charge.

For more information and handy safety tips:

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