Saturday, June 5, 2010

Aid Cancer in Dogs Research

After a long battle with metastatic bone cancer Luke lost his dog, Malcolm, in 2006. The loss of his dog inspired Like to commit his life to eradicating this dreadful disease. In March 2008 he sold his truck, put his stuff into storage and his two dogs, Hudson & Murphy, set off on a cross country trek from Austin to Boston to share their story.

Hudson & Murphy (affectionately known to all as "The Fuzzybutts") and he have walked across 14 states and are currently in Connecticut. We've got about 200 miles left and are scheduled to arrive in Boston the weekend of June 18th.

This walk is just the first step of a lifelong commitment and they're in the process of launching phase II: 2 Million Dogs which was conceived on the simple belief that if 2 dogs can walk 2,000 miles we can get 2 million dogs to walk 2 miles for cancer.

Does your dog have cancer?
Would you like their DNA to be a part of a historic study benifitting both pets & people?
2 Dogs & CHCC have a goal to collect 2,000 DNA samples by June 19th.

If you are attending the puppy up! Festival at the Boston Common June 19th, bring your dog to submit a blood sample at the collection site there.

If you can't make it there sign up online to submit a sample from your dog with cancer. HELP 2 DOGS 2,000 MILES COLLECT 2,000 DNA SAMPLES

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