Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dogs and Grass

Jeffie (shown above as a puppy) likes grass and he's not alone. Dogs love grass. Eating it, rolling in it, playng on it and fertilizing it, too. Urine can cause a nitrogen overload on most grasses and femailes, because their squatting produces a steady, concentrated stream, are more likely to create the brown ring pattern on lawns, which some horticulturists call “female dog spot disease.”

So if you’re planting or replanting a lawn, chose your grass type with that in mind. Fescue and perennial ryegrass have been found to be the most urine tolerant. Bluegrass and Bermuda grass seem to be the most sensitive. Or consider a grass substitue like white clover or O’Connor’s strawberry clover, both are easy to maintain, plus require less water and less fertilization than grass.

From The Bark Magazine comes these outdoor safety tips regarding dogs and grass.

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