Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missouri Operation Bark Alert Phase II

Missouri Department of Agriculture Director Jon Hagler and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster today announced phase two of Operation Bark Alert - a crackdown on unlicensed breeders in Missouri. Phase two of the program, "Prosecution Bark Alert," is being launched using the top law enforcement authority of Missouri to stop unlicensed and substandard dog breeders from operating in the state. Operation Bark Alert was initiated in February and has thus far located more than 200 unlicensed breeders across Missouri and rescued nearly 1900 dogs.

For the first time in Missouri, the Department of Agriculture and the Attorney General's Office have joined forces and publicly teamed up to take legal action against breeders who are not licensed. Missouri law requires dog breeders to become licensed with the Animal Care Facilities Act program at the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Since Operation Bark Alert was announced in February, Attorney General Koster's office has taken legal action against several unregistered breeders who were raided by the Department of Agriculture, rescue groups in Missouri and local law enforcement officials. They plan to file against irresponsible breeders and require they comply with the law or shut their doors.

Koster's office is also contacting breeders who may have let their licenses lapse to remind them they must be licensed with the state.

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