Friday, July 3, 2009

Living in the Puppy Mill Capital

Why do I talk so much about the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation so much here in my blog?

Well, I've said it before, but it bears repeating... it is with great shame and humiliation that I tell you I live in the puppy mill capital of the United States. Would you like to see how your state measures up? You might be shocked.

Not only do I live in Missouri, but I live in one of the counties with the greatest number of puppy mills. In my county, Laclede, the numbers are staggering. 57 in my county alone. That's many more than most states. Read some survivor stories and they'll break your heart.

My sister, Lucy, and I are from Virginia. Very few puppy mills there. But there are plenty of homeless animals! I was homeless. I just showed up on the front porch one evening at mama and daddy's. Loaded with worms, mange, puncture wounds and more. Whenever mama and daddy came near me I cried. I've never told the story of my homeless time, just trust me, it was bad!

Lucy was the result of the dog owner procrastination / laziness / ignorance (take your pick). Her mother Rosie was never spayed. And her father was never neutered. When Rosie's people decided to wean a litter at 4 weeks, mama and daddy stepped in. They rescued Lucy and found homes for two other puppies.

Jeffie is from Missouri, but not from a puppy mill. He and his two brothers were picked up with their mother as strays up near the lakes. That was no way to spend some puppy time; Jeffie has some personality quirks that are probably from being homeless.

But I'm getting off the subject, which is puppy mills. It seems like a week doesn't go by that the Missouri Humane Society doesn't do a puppy mill raid and rescue some poor hopeless souls. We support them, but also the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation. MAAL was founded in 1990. It's a not for profit lobbying groups that works for positive change in animal related legislation in Missouri. It's very important work and that's why you'll read about their events and activities here in my blog.

Woof! woof!

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