Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thinking about the Rainbow Bridge

When I showed up on the front porch, I was a mess and Mama and Daddy took pity on me. They took me in and introduced me to my new brother, Spanky. Spanky hated me! It was hard to understand because he was used to having a brother, but he sure did. Lucky for me, Petey the cat, loved me and taught me to play. Within weeks we all understood why Spanky hated me... he had a rapidly growing form of cancer in his mouth. He was gone within a couple of months. That happened almost 10 years ago, and even though I know he's at the Rainbow Bridge, when I hear his name I run to the window to see if he's there. Old habit, I guess.

You know, Lucy is pretty much a bully and Jeffie mostly drives me nuts, but I do love them so. It's hard to imagine life without them. I remember how Mama cried when Spanky left. She said the thing that made her feel better was thinking about seeing him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Now Mama has found what they call a Squidoo lens about Goldie, a Golden Retriever, who is at the Rainbow Bridge. She asked me to tell you to take a look. Like Spanky, Goldie had a fast growing form of cancer. I'm partial to Golden Retrievers and if you are too, you should check this out: a tribute to a golden retriever, Goldie.

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