Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black Dog Club

I'm a member of the Black Dog Club at the Humane Society of Missouri! Even though I wasn't adopted from a shelter (and I'm from Virginia, not Missouri) they let me join. Great newsletter and I love their logo. I think it looks a bit like me!

Did you know that black dogs are often overlooked at animal shelters? Here's what they say about it:

Most animal shelters find it difficult to place large black dogs into forever homes. Black dogs, especially large ones like Labrador Retriever mixes are overlooked in favor of lighter colored dogs.

Some shelter staff think black dogs are more difficult to see inside their kennels making it hard to connect with the dog. Others think they don't photograph as well as a lighter colored dog explaining why placing their picture on the internet or in posters sometimes is not enough. Others think it's hard to see facial features on black dogs and therefore hard to gauge their emotions.

There is absolutely no evidence that color has any bearing on temperament, behavior, or health regardless of breed.If you are thinking about adopting a dog, please remember that black dogs make wonderful companions just like lighter-colored dogs.

I happen to think that black dogs are some of the coolest dogs around.

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