Monday, November 21, 2016

Papillon, Schipperke and Keeshond Dog Jewelry Gifts at

Love Papillon, Schipperke, or Keeshond dogs or Christmas shopping for another dog lover who does?  Then don't miss my dog breed jewelry at For Love of a Dog!

Not only is each piece handmade and one of a kind, but it's all on sale!  Plus you'll like the free standard shipping.   Just beware that some dog breeds are selling out quickly and there will be no more.

Shown at top is my Papillon dog jewelry gift collection.  Right now you can choose from two bracelets, 3 necklaces, two pins and one Papillon dog pendant.

There's a lot less selection in my Schipperke dog jewelry collection.  In fact, this dog breed really is almost sold out.  As I write this I have only two necklaces and one Schipperke puppy dog pin still available.

There's a bit more selection in my Keeshond dog jewelry.  Choose from four bracelets, one necklace, one pendant, and 4 Keeshond dog pins.

Remember, almost every item at For Love of a Dog is one of a kind and I'm closing up shop, so there will be no more.  Hurry and snag some fantastic bargains before it is all gone!

Shop For Love of a Dog Jewelry now!

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