Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Irish Setter, Irish Terrier and Scottish Deerhound Dog Jewelry Gifts at

Christmas shopping for dog lovers is easy at For Love of a Dog Jewelry!  Fetch unique handmade necklaces, bracelets, pins, pendants and more sure to make you the favorite Santa Claus.

If your favorite dog person loves Irish Setter dogs, Irish Terrier dogs, or Scottish Deerhounds, you're in luck!  I still have some very cool jewelry still available in those dog breeds.  But you'd better hurry because they are selling out fast and when they're sold, there will be no more.

Shown at top is my Irish Setter dog breed jewelry currently available:   4 bracelets, 3 pins, 2 necklaces, and 2 Irish Setter pendants.

You'll find less selection in the Irish Terrier dog jewelry at For Love of a Dog.  Just 4 necklaces are still available.  Each is one of a kind and would make a very special holiday gift.


The Scottish Deerhound dog jewelry is almost completely sold out.  There are just two necklaces still available.  Remember, when these are sold, there will be no more.

Don't delay!  Snag some bargains in the huge sale and enjoy free standard shipping, too! 

Shop For Love of a Dog Jewelry now!

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