Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Puppy and Dog Jewelry and Rosie, Too for #TongueOutTuesday

I try to remember to post a photo of Rudy or Rosie on Facebook for Tongue Out Tuesdays.  Unfortunately, I often forget.  Then I got the idea to begin posting some of my dog jewelry that includes adorable dogs with their tongues out!

As you know, I'm closing my For Love of a Dog jewelry business, but these necklaces are still available (as I write this.)

Shown at top is my Let's Play! dog necklace with an adorable artisan lampwork puppy dog with a panting tongue as the centerpiece.  Surrounded by some dog bones and one of a kind, of course!

This puppy love dog lover necklace is another sweet one of a kind creation still available at For Love of a Dog.

And this cutie is my Rosie.  Not only is she not jewelry, she's not for sale!  Just making sure you're paying attention.  :-)

Shop For Love of a Dog for unique dog jewelry that are barking good gifts.  Everything is on sale right now, so if you're not already shopping for Christmas gifts, maybe you should be!


  1. Rosie you are beautiful and your mom makes beautiful jewelry.

  2. Hi Rosie - it's always nice to see your smile! What cute necklaces, I love that first one especially.

    1. Thanks, Jan! Rosie is such a serious dog that it's rare to capture a smile - lol.

  3. This jewelry is a good gift item for dog parents. Just perfect for the coming holidays!


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