Friday, September 16, 2016

Dog Breed Christmas Ornaments Almost Sold Out at

I hate feeling like some kind of Christmas pusher or something, but these days I'm receiving lots of emails from folks looking for dog breed Christmas ornaments.  

Well, since there are only 14 weeks before Christmas ...  Sorry.  I guess I am a Christmas pusher!

Anyway, as I write this, I have only 18 Christmas ornaments on hand.  

That's right.  They're almost all sold out!

The dog breed Christmas ornaments available at For Love of a Dog as of this minute are:
 That's it.  That's all.  There will be no more.

These handmade ornaments are two sided (flat on back) sculptures and make terrific Christmas gifts.  Beautiful on a Christmas tree or displayed year round and, maybe best of all, they're on sale!

Hurry and shop now!


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