Friday, October 9, 2015

Lab Approved Labrador Retriever Dog Jewelry @ForLoveofaDog

Since we're celebrating Rudy's fifth birthday tomorrow, it somehow seemed fitting to do a little barking about my dog breed dog jewelry.  Most especially my Labrador Retriever dog jewelry.

Did you know that For Love of a Dog Jewelry began with Labrador Retriever dog jewelry?  Already a jewelry designer and maker, I wanted a piece of jewelry that celebrated my heart dog, Lucy and my yellow Lab, Sherman.  So many people wanted one when they saw mine that For Love of a Dog Jewelry was born as a sister business to my Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry.
My first handmade Labrador Retriever dog necklace.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today my pretty boy, Rudy, is my design inspiration for my Labrador Retriever dog jewelry like this yellow Lab necklace with glass dog bones and red jasper heart.

Rudy reminds me every day to take time to smell the roses and look for dog bones which inspired this yellow Lab bracelet with a rose and daisy floral lampwork focal bead, glass dog bones and cool green crystals.  Of course there's a yellow Labrador Retriever dog charm!

Pieces like this fox red Labrador Retriever pendant remind me of my Lucy with whom it all began..
These are just a very small sample of my Labrador Retriever dog jewelry pieces.  Fetch For Love of a Dog to see all of my black Lab, chocolate Lab, as well as yellow and fox red Labrador Retriever dog bracelets, necklaces, pins, pendants and more.  

Each jewelry piece is handmade by me in my Missouri Ozarks studio with Rudy right by my side.  He's in charge of the shipping department and because he loves dog lovers as much as I do, shipping is free to US addresses.

Rudy loves the exercise of a shipping run, so shop For Love of a Dog Jewelry now!
Rudy can't believe you haven't shopped at For Love of a Dog Jewelry yet!


Go ahead... bark at us!