Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebrate Mixed Breed Dogs on National Mutt Day July 31

Now, this is my kind of holiday! Today is National Mutt Day!  Since mutts are my favorite dog breed - sorry, Rudy - I like to think I celebrate mutts every day. 

My current mutts join a long list of mutts and mongrels in my life.  I found both Jeffie and Rosie on Petfinder and adopted them from the same animal shelter six years apart.  

Jeffie represents two awesome dog breeds: Golden Retriever and Border Collie.   As the Wisdom DNA Panel showed us, Rosie is a mutt extraordinaire and has an unlimited number of dog breeds in her genetic make up.

The bottom line: shelter dogs are fantastic and mutt is really spelled L O V E.

Colleen Paige, a celebrity pet and animal welfare expert, created National Mutt Day in 2005. The day is celebrated twice a year, in December and July, to call attention to mixed breed dogs in animal shelters.  Paige aims to raise awareness about the plight of those shelter dogs who wait for homes or are euthanized.

National Mutt Day encourages you to visit your local animal shelter and adopt a new best friend.  Not ready to adopt? There are many other ways you can help:
  • Volunteer and walk a dog at your local shelter.
  • Donate pet food, supplies and treats to your local shelter.
  • Hold an event to raise funds for your local shelter.
  • Offer to walk the mutt of an elderly neighbor.
  • Write your Congressman and ask that they support the ban of puppy mills in your state.
  • Take your own mutt to visit a local home for the elderly.
  • Spread the word about how awesome mutts are!


  1. Oh, that Jeffie! Such a handsome boy! Rita says Jeffie definitely = LOVE! Great list of ways to celebrate mutt day!

  2. Such lovable faces; who cares what genetics they have?

  3. My mom loves mutts and purebreds. All dogs are wonderful no matter what they are made of.


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