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New Dog Lover Book Recovered by Amber Polo | Book Review

Recovered (Book #3 in The Shapeshifters' Library) by Amber Polo.  

Do you love the Harry Potter series?  

Enjoy a bit of fantasy?  Love dogs?  

Then fetch a Recovered by Amber Polo.  

You're in for a real treat!

Recovered is the third book in Polo's Shapeshifters' Library, a delightful new dog adventure series.  Bibliophiles will be charmed by the "Dewey-speak."  Dog lovers will find new beloved canine characters.

Here's the official book description:
Recovered" is a cross country canine cozy adventure from Ohio to New Mexico, filled with ancient mounds, dog-catchers, rescue groups, and wolfdog issues. Come along with Bliss, children’s librarian and white greyhound shifter, and reformed werewolf Harry as they search for the most valuable library on the planet, chased by Sybilla and Blaze,
werewolves crazed to stop them.
Dog-shifting librarians vs book-burning werewolves!
Bliss D. Light was just an ordinary children’s librarian until one day she discovered she could grow a tail. Now her life is filled with more magic than any of the fairy tales she tells the children who gather at her feet at the Shipsfeather library. Like many of the other residents of Shipsfeather, Ohio, Bliss is a dog-shifter, and her newly discovered ability to change from human form into that of a sleek white greyhound has left her yearning to know more about her true heritage. The answer to all her questions, she is certain, lies with the dog-shifters’ long lost Library of the Ancients and, undeterred by the fact that thousands before her have searched, she sets out to find it.

Accompanied by her best friend Harry, a disgraced werewolf/dog-shifter mix, and hotly pursued by the evil werewolf team of Sybilla and Blaze, Bliss’s quest takes her across the sacred sites and ancient mounds of the American Southwest. Though kidnapped by dogcatchers, sold into racetrack slavery and forced to fight wolf dogs to survive, Harry and Bliss never lose sight of their goal—or each other. Because the only thing more important than finding the ancient lost treasure might just be preserving what they already have found: an unlikely love that could be the first step toward bringing two ancient enemy races together.
I laughed, as well as trembled with fear for Bliss and Harry.  I also marveled at the imagination of Polo.  It didn't take me long to be fully immersed in her world.  

Shapeshifting  was new to me and, I confess, I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic romp.  My curiosity led me to Polo's quiz:  How to Tell if Your Dog is a Shapeshifter.   Oh, oh.  Dogs who are unusually smart or good looking may be dog-shifters.  Definitely need to keep an eye on Jeffie and give him some high quality reading material.  Hmmm...  like Polo's Recovered!

Truly, I can't say much more without giving away the plot and I know you don't want me to do that.  Don't delay.  Begin this magical quest now!

Recovered by Amber Polo is available on Amazon via Kindle $3.86, Paperback $15.26,  Barnes and Noble  ISBN/EAN13:0985774827 / 9780985774820

A love of books drew Amber Polo into a career as a librarian. A greater love turned her into a writer. The Shapeshifters’ Library series is an urban fantasy filled with books, librarians and dogs and a library everyone will love.

The mystical side of Sedona, AZ became the paranormal setting for her first novel Romancing Rebecca. One day a plane flew past her office window and she turned her pen to her own airpark backyard and Flying Free was the result.

In addition to her two award-winning romance novels, she self-published Relaxing the Writer: Guidebook to the Writer’s High which offers hundreds of tips to help writers and readers relax and is proud of her self-produced , Relaxation One Breath at a Time a CD that uses her voice to teach relaxation to calm your body and mind and/or help you fall asleep.

After living in seven states, she happily calls a small town in Arizona home.  You can follow her on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter , Pinterest and Google+..

* I received one paperback copy of Recovered from the author, Amber Polo, in exchange for my honest review.  My opinion was not affected by the sweet little package of dog treats Polo sent along for Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie.  However, they confess they do like bribes!

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  4. this sounds great because I am crazy and I mean crazy about harry potter
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  6. Thanks for joining the blog hop and thanks for the tip on this book. I have a book credit with Amazon so I'll have to check the first book out. I see a reading weekend in my future. :-)

  7. That book sounds great to me. Have a nice day.

  8. Great review, never read this series something to look into this. Thank you.


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