Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado Pet Adoption Event July 13

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society has announced a special adoption event for homeless animals displaced by the May tornadoes that devastated areas of central Oklahoma.  These are pets who are victims of the tornadoes who have not been claimed by their owners.

Hope After the Storm is a private - invitation only - adoption event to be held on Saturday, July 13.  They will be selecting 100 potential dog adopters and 50 potential cat adopters at random for the event through their online forms at  Applications will be accepted until Friday, July 5 at noon.

When you follow that link ( you'll be taken to their website and two Rafflecopter forms:  Dog Ticket Entry and Cat Ticket Entry.  You'll need to complete the Rafflecopter if you hope to be selected as a potential adopter.

To be eligible, you must include your full name, phone number and email so they can contact you if your name is drawn, as well as give you further information about the event.

OK Humane says they have chosen this method to help keep the adoption process as smooth as possible, while putting the least amount of stress on the animals.

Step by step instruction for submitting your information:
  1. Check your calendars and make sure you will be available to be in the Oklahoma City area on July 13.
  2.  Enter your information in the applicable form here - we will be pulling separate names for dogs and cats, so make sure you fill out the correct form.
  3. We will stop accepting entries at noon on Friday, July 5.
  4. Invitation recipients will be chosen at random for the adoption event. OK Humane will contact these people directly using the information provided. Invite recipients will be notified on the afternoon of Friday, July 5.
Note:  All attendees will be required to check in at the adoption event.  Adoptions will be performed in the order of check in.  All adoption fees will be waived.

They are accepting only one entry per household. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 405-286-1229 ext. 4 or

NOTE:  OK Humane Society has scheduled this event for July in order to give pet owners time to claim their family pets.   In addition, this event is by invitation only and limited in numbers to avoid the thousands of folks that have shown up at other disaster adoption events around the country.  Many traveled from far away only to find a congested venue and no pets left available for adoption.


  1. i sure hope they all find lovely homes

    urban hounds

  2. I think this is an odd way to find the animals homes. Why not just get them out of the shelter instead of waiting another 2 1/2 weeks? Why the need for an "event"?

  3. They're trying to give as much time as possible to pet owners to claim their own pets. So often in disasters like this, people who have lost everything do not have the resources to check-in frequently to search for their pets.
    Most humane societies have events like this to find homes for the UNCLAIMED victims of a disaster. The attendance can be in the 100's - 1,000's with accompanied problems of such a huge crowd. In addition, some people travel from far away only to find no pets left for adoption.

  4. How sad that so many have remained unclaimed after the tornadoes. I sure hope the July date will give owners ample time to claim their pets. And for those that remain, I hope they find loving homes.

  5. It pleases me to see the care they are taking for the animals. So sad though that so many are still unclaimed. What would happen if an animal was adopted out and then a month or two later the original owner came forward?

    Personally unless I was in hospital I'd be searching for my pet and if I was in hospital I'd be bugging the heck out of my family to look in my absence.

    I realize that many are displaced but it seems to me if the pet is a beloved family member someone should be looking for it.

  6. I hope they all find wonderful homes. That's sad that some go unclaimed. I agree with Jodi - unless i was in the hospital, I'd be searching! And even if I was in the hospital, I'd be rounding up folks to find my pup for me!

  7. The only way mom would not be there to claim us right away would be if she was too injured or dead. Poor animals! I shared this - want them t find homes!

  8. Thank you for posting this! There was already one large adoption event held on June 23rd. I can only assume that this event is perhaps for the rest that weren't adopted from the last event. I actually live in Oklahoma (thought not in Moore) and didn't know about this yet.
    Yes, it's very unfortunate that the families weren't given more time to come forward and claim their pets. They were pretty much given 30 days (a little over), then the first adoption event was held on the 23rd, now there's this one. There were SO many unclaimed - it's hard to understand. Like the rest of you, I'd have to be dead not to be combing every inch of the state looking for my sweet ones.


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