Friday, September 28, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award: Big Smiley Face Here

Thank you to Heart Like a Dog
Now that Jodi has given up on me ever doing anything about this....  sorry, Jodi...  I really am thrilled to announce that she bestowed on me the One Lovely Blog Award!

Then she went on to say some very (VERY) nice things about my dog lover jewelry and this blog.  Jeffie and Rudy can verify my blush.   

You can read about it at her Heart Like a Dog blog here.  You'll notice that Jodi was awarded more than one award.  Definitely deserved.  I know that I always enjoy her posts, especially her rants on WTF/WooHoo Wednesdays.

The rules for this award are:
  • Thank the blogger bestowing the award and proide a link back to their blog.  
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Share the award with seven other bloggers.
So, here goes.

First, a formal, official thank you to Heart Like a Dog blog!  Fetch it now and enjoy Jodi's story of her life with Labrador Retreivers Samson and Delilah

Seven things about me:
  •  Never been to a dog park.  I live in a very rural, boondocks, sort of area.  The closest dog park is over three hours away.  Sigh... I think Rudy would love it.  Jeffie would be terrified. 
  •  I don't like watching any movies with dogs in them.  My husband makes fun of me because I love disaster movies.  Kill a bunch of people (in a movie) and I'm okay with it.  Just throw a nasty glance toward a dog and I'm all through with that movie.  Actually, this is true of horses, too.  Cats? Nothing seems to ever happen to cats in movies.  Hmmm...
  •  I'm beginning to avoid news stories about dogs.  Is it just me or is there much more violence towards animals?  Is it that more is reported now than in the past?  Or is it that there's actually more happening?  I'm afraid its the later.
  •  I think I could be a hoarder.  One of my favorite quotations is by John Steinbeck:  I dreamed of dogs last night.  They sat in a circle and looked at me and I wanted all of them.  Me, too.  Except it wasn't a dream.  They weren't in a circle.  They were on Petfinder, Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts.  And I wanted all of them.  My husband doesn't let me go anywhere near an animal shelter without him.
  •  I love bovine.  I raised my cattle herd from day old bottle calves.  Being among bovine gives me a sense of serenity I've found nowhere else.
  •  I've been blessed with not only a heart dog, but a heart horse.  Some day I'll tell you about my beloved Fox Trotter, Lady, as well as farming with our draft horses and mules.  I promise.
  • I am a hermit.  I sincerely prefer to be at home with my animals, rather than out anywhere with people.
Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about Sue at Talking Dogs!
Now comes the really tricky part.  Frankly, I don't have time to count the number of blogs I follow in my Google reader.  There are A LOT.  And here's the thing... they're all good.  Really good.  Picking only seven feels... pretty crazy.  However, here are seven, in no particular order, that I cannot live without.  To them I bestow the One Lovely Blog Award!

Basset Momma  -  I am smitten with Janet's dog, Freddie.  No matter how busy I am, each week I make sure to visit this blog so that I can catch up on Freddie and Gloria's hijinks, and get my Basset Hound fix. These days Janet is dealing with the heartbreak of Freddie's hip dysplasia. They can use some support. 

No Dog About It  - this is a new-to-me blog that gives me very pretty pictures of dogs (especially Daisy, the yellow Lab) to enjoy, as well as a lot to mull over and think about.  One of Mel's posts about abuse towards dairy cows has stuck in my mind.  Eventually it will spur me to write about my feelings about factory farming.

Chronicles of Cardigan - Not only does Elizabeth entertain me with her wit and cheeky photos, she was a rock when I lost my heart dog, Lucy.  I not only love her blog, I love her.    And I have to admit it:  I am in love with Jon Farleigh.  Especially his butt.

Brown Dog CBR -  I've followed this one for a long time.  The posts are always interesting, but it is the photography that is SPECTACULAR.  Sigh... gorgeous fauna and flora, including brown dog Hawk.
The Elka Almanac - I've always loved Dobermans and Elka is a beauty!  I also love Jen's posts about animal welfare.  Too bad she can't hear me cheering while I read those.  And I want to adopt every homeless Dobie she features.

Saved by Dogs - A newish blog that always tells me something I don't know.  Lovely personal story posts that make me smile or bring a tear to my eye as I recognize a like soul, coupled with dog breed information and photos that are fabulous.

I Still Want More Puppies - I wish I had just half the punny wit as this woman.  I advise you to not miss her Friday posts.  Plus, her monthly round ups are not only entertaining, I've discovered some incredible bloggers and stories.  And, let's face it, who can resist that blog name?!

So, there you have my seven blogs.  Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for thinking of us! It's nice to learn some new things about fellow bloggers too. I don't know if there is more animal violence nowadays or if it's just on the news more now then before. I would love to hear more about your bovine, your heart horse, Lady and all your farm stories.

    1. Thanks, Janet. How could I not think of you? My husband does not read dog/pet blogs. Ever. But he knows who Freddie is! And thanks for encouraging me to tell some farm stories. I need to find some time to scan some photos...

  2. Congratulations on a well deserved award! You did a great job with the post too and believe it or not, I never gave up on you. ;-)

    I hate the news stories too, I think yes, there are more animals being abused, and you will also notice there are more crimes in general being committed. I think that has to do with the sorry state of the economy and the fact that we are bombarded with news and have more access to 'breaking' news than we ever did before. The WTF can really do me in.

    I would be a hoarder too. Once Hubby made the mistake of saying we needed a black lab (since we have the chocolate and the golden) at the time I told him he was crazy but now every time I come across a black one I say, "look, here's the black one you wanted." :-) I hate facebook for all the "URGENT" dogs that come across my page. It breaks my heart.

    Oh and hurt a dog in a movie, yup I'm like you. I love Will Smith, but I won't watch I am Legend. And anytime there is a dog featured and something happens I say, "where's the dog? what about the dog?" It about drives my husband crazy. :-)

    Well done, Sue. Well done.

    1. Thanks, Jodi! I'm afraid you're right...there's more violence. Unfortunately, I also agree with you about the cause.

      OH! I SO agree with you about all the URGENT dogs on Facebook. Some days I can't bear to look...

      Are you sure you don't need a full complement of Labs? ;-)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are soooo deserving!
    We already follow a number of the blogs that you mentioned but we are going to check a few out that you mentioned that we aren't following (just what we need, MORE blogs to follow lol)
    We adore FREDDIE and a number of the others that you mentioned.
    Oh and I am a hermit too...yep I truly am!
    Dakota has never been to a dog park and it will probably remain that way!

    1. Caren, Thank you so much! I have to say I find it hard to believe that you're a hermit ;-)

  4. I've never heard that Steinbeck quote's beautiful! Of course, I love me some Steinbeck.

    Thanks for the award, I appreciate it! My fiance is the one who keeps me from being a hoarder as well. If not, any number of those Dobermans I posted about would be in the house right now, messing up Elka's style!

    1. I guess it's probably a good thing the guys save us from ourselves. LOL Now I just hope you don't dream of a circle of dogs tonight...

  5. Yes, you DO have one lovely blog, and that is one lovely award (seriously, I can't stop looking at it). ;) Thank you for not making me covet it secretly, and please know that over here in the privacy of my home, behind the screen, in spite of my sassiness, I am three shades of red in humility. You are too kind. :) What a great bunch of blogs (and bloggers).

    Also, I believe you already have his wet nose print, but I could easily arrange to get you Jon Farleigh's butt-ograph, too. (ewww) Or, maybe a lock of his butt curtains? ;)

    Have a great weekend, Sue!

  6. See, everyone.... this is just one reason I love Elizabeth! It's true - I already have a wet nose print from Jon Farleigh... and now she's offered a butt-ograph!

  7. Sue,

    Congrats on the award! I am humbled that you chose us as a blog to pass it on to. I am very guilty of not being timely in responding to such acts of graciousness...I will now work on mending at least some of my slip-shod ways and carry through by passing this on!

    Keep being your amazing self; I can't wait to hear some more farm stories!

    1. You certainly can't be accused of not responding in a timely fashion! I loved checking out some new-to-me blogs in your award post. And thanks so much for the encouragement re: farm stories :-)

  8. Wow! Thanks Sue! I love your list of bloggers. I love each one of the ones you listed! I also love your jewelry and if I could, I would live on a farm with bovine and horses and sheep (so Jasper could herd them).
    I'm terrible with awards, but I'll try to do one this week. Thank you for not only mentioning me, but also reminding me to check out your post. You always write great stuff. I'm just terrible with keeping up. So glad you love the Daisy pics. Think it's the Lab thing? :)

    1. You're very welcome, Mel! Sheep.... I have always wanted sheep (mainly because I've always wanted to spin and weave), especially when I had my beloved Border Collie, Lizzy. She'd have loved to had something decent to herd. Geese just didn't really cut it and I wouldn't let her herd children. LOL

      I love all your photos... but, yup, it's the Lab thing with Daisy. She looks like a relative of my Rudy :-)

  9. Wow... thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it.

    Your award is well-deserved, and I couldn't live without your blog either!

    P.S. That Steinbeck quote is perfect!


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