Monday, June 4, 2012

Pitty Post Day: Pitbull Dog Love!

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  While I was there, I had a nanny.  

That nanny was glued to me like white on rice and was my boon companion.  When she took me on as her project, she was already middle aged and well on her way to her golden years.

Patient, kind, and gentle, she was one of my first best friends.  To this day I can remember snuggling with her.

My nanny’s name was Dinkle and she was a Pit Bull dog.

Dinkle and Sue
When Corbin posed the question,  Why do you love Pitties? My immediate thought was of Dinkle.  After all, she was my first introduction to this great dog breed. 

My second thought was of my dog, Bennie.

Bennie at 2 years old
Bennie was not a pit bull.  At least not that I know of.  To all appearances, Bennie was dobie / shepherd mix.

What does Bennie have to do with pit bull dogs?  Two things:  fear and breed discrimination.

Ben was big.  Some folks took one glance, sized him up as a Dobie, and were afraid.  Given that Ben loved people more than any dog I’ve ever met and was a gentle soul, that first impression had nothing to do with Ben. 

People, and their pre-conceived notions about various dog breeds, have done much to harm the innocent victims of their prejudice:  the dogs.  

These days it is Pit Bull dogs who bear the brunt of such prejudice.  Pitties are the most euthanized and abused type of dog in our country today.  Negative pit bull stories are sensationalized.  Myths are spread as facts. 

The truth is that Pit Bull dogs are loyal, loving companions who may be therapy dogs, service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and, like all other dogs, deserve a good life and forever homes.

So, Corbin, thanks for hosting this Blogville Pitty Post Day.  Corbin!  Keep woofing about Pit Bulls!

In honor of your birthday, we ask that everybody take a look at Shangri-La.
Shangri-La, an Adoptable Pit Bull Mix Dog at Stray Rescue of St Louis
Shangri-La is two years old and waiting for her forever home at Stray Rescue of St Louis.  She's a beautiful girl who loves fetch, tug-of-war and frisbee.  Shangri-La is also quite a snuggler and a very good listener.
If you'd like a new jogging or hiking partner, or some company on that couch, contact Stray Rescue and get to know Shangri-La.


  1. What a great post! I love that picture of you and Dinkle! He sounds like such a sweetheart! Bennie was beautiful too!

  2. Hi there! My name's Mayzie and I found you through today's Pitty Post blog hop! What a Most Wonderful and Heart-full postie you did. It is very sad that humans judge everything by how it looks. I think they'd be WAY better off sniffing butts like we do! Believe me, you can learn a LOT more about somebuddy that way.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. It is time to stop the ignorance, the fear and the myths. When you mentioned dobies, I realized they too are often targeted as well, though Pitties get more publicity.

    People should choose a dog that is a good fit for their family. Larger breeds like Dobi's, sheperds, etc. aren't for everyone and it is OK to go a different route. What bothers me is when people decide it is not right for them or anyone else. That is where it crosses a line into spreading fear, panic, and creating a challenge for all these animals to get and keep homes. As many have mentioned in these Pitti posts I've been reading even if the dog finds a home, with breed restrictions, additional insurance costs of having a breed restricted dog, etc. keeping that home can be hard.

  4. What a grreat story about Dinkle! I read that pit bulls used to be called the "nanny's dog" because they were so good with children!

  5. I love that picture with Dinkle! How wonderful! And thank you for sharing Shangri-La! What a beautiful girl! I hope she finds a great forever home really soon! It is so sad how many pit bulls get euthanized because people are afraid of the breed name. I liked Bailey's comment, so true. Thank you for joining in on Pitty Post Day!

  6. Loved reading about your *Nanny Dinkle and how your first thought was of her! Some really great posts about Pitties all across Blogville! What an awesome idea!

  7. Hey, don't forget me! I'm a breed discriminated against too!


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