Friday, April 6, 2012

Dog Scouts of America

Photo: Dog Scouts of America
Badges, camp outs, cookie drives, troops.  Sounds like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, right?  Wrong!  It's the Dog Scouts of America!

Founded in 1995 by Lonnie Olson, the Dog Scouts of America (DSA) is a non-profit organization of people who are dedicated to enriching their own lives and the lives of others with dogs.  

The Dog Scout Owner's Motto:  Our dog's lives are much shorter than ours - let's help them enjoy their time with us as much as we can.

Any dog can become a Dog Scout.  The only requirement is that the dog and owner must be able to pass a test proving the owner is responsible and the dog is well mannered and not a danger toward humans and other dogs.  Members are encouraged to pursue badge activities either within a troop or on their own.  

Some Dog Scouts pursue backpacking and add miles toward their backpacking titles.  Many Dog Scouts become involved in civic activities like waking in charity walk-a-thons, creating fundraising events for charity, and do pet therapy visits.  And, yes, Dog Scouts go camping at their own Dog Scout camp.  
Photo: Dog Scouts of America
Dog Scout Badges can be earned in many different activities including: Trails, Water, Agility, Obedience, Nose Work, Pulling, Community, and more.

Dog Scouts of America have troops in 22 states.  Don't see a troop in your state?  Consider starting one.

Dog Scouts of America - good for dog owners and their dogs.  Fetch membership information now!


  1. Dog Scouts of America? How great is that!!

  2. Never heard of it. Bailey would love camping.

  3. Wow! What a great idea! They've been around for a while too!

  4. I've heard of this, and keep trying to join the groups in my area, but all of the troops are inactive, and they say there isn't enough interest (which makes me wonder if it would be worth it to try to start a group).

    I'm thinking of trying to contact the closest by of the groups in my area and offer to do some publicity, getting the word out there, that kind of stuff, to see if we can get more interest going. Because I think it would ROCK! Plus, Pallo would be adorable in a little Dog Scouts uniform.

  5. K-Koira, I'm really sorry to hear about the troops in your area! Dog Scouts are so cool! Maybe with some publicity... though from what I read, you still can be a member and work solo on activities (and wear that adorable little Dog Scouts uniform :-D )

  6. K-Koira -

    Check out the membership database by State and see if there are any INDIVIDUALS near your location. Maybe you can team up with someone and get more interest. To see the database by State, go to, click on Join DSA, and then go to item #5. Since the individual's contact info isn't available, you might consider searching the internet or doing a shout out to that individual through the DSA Talklist Yahoo group asking them to contact you.

    Team K9
    Troop 119
    North Texas


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