Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Small Dog Idea: Pet Carrier Backpacks

Since the smallest of the For Love of a Dog canines weighs over 70 pounds, there are just some pet products I don't pay a lot of attention to.  Pet carriers are in that category.   However, I'm intrigued with pet backpacks and the possibilities they offer for transporting my mom's little Lhasa Apso dog.

Definitely a great way to give a little dog a break when out hiking, a pet carrier backpack is also a safe and stylish way to transport a little dog without resorting to a "dog purse."  Pet carrier backpacks come in many different shapes, sizes and color schemes.  Most are made of durable materials with ventilation.  Some even have wheels so you can give your back a break, too.

A nifty solution for taking along a little dog and one I'm going to be researching further.

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