Sunday, December 14, 2008

My 77th Birthday!

Wow! What a birthday celebration! This year to celebrate my lucky double 7's, mama and daddy spent it just with me. No sharing with Lucy and Jeffie!

To start with they kidnapped me and we went for a very long drive. You know, I hate riding in the car and any drive is a long drive to me. Anyway, we arrived at this place and daddy convinced mama that I should not wear the birthday party hat, thank goodness! They called this place PetsMart and it was magical. Toys and treats everywhere! Other fur children, too. We walked the whole place so I could really sniff it all out. By the way, I loved the birds. I wonder if heaven is like this?

Then I got to choose my very own new monkey (remember, that's what we call toys at our house.) I sniffed and checked out a lot of them. Some didn't taste all that great. What I love best are nubby ones or ones that talk. You know what I found? A birthday cake that sings the happy birthday song! I love it and find it's best if carried around by a candle or two!

Then we went to Dairy Queen. I got to have some ice cream all by myself. But don't feel sorry for Lucy and Jeffie... we took them some, too.

What a great birthday!

I do apologize for taking so long to tell you about it. Plus I'd planned to tell you a lot more detail, but I have something worrying me. You see, not long after my birthday, I ruptured my cruciate ligament. This time in my left back leg. Years ago I had the surgery for my right leg, so I know what's coming. I'm pretty high on drugs these days and trying to get the right attitude for my surgery - it's this Wednesday. Mama says she'll write for me and let you know how I'm doing.

Think some good thoughts for me, okay?


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