Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Flying Squirrel Rosie Says - Wordless Wednesday

Rudy knows what's coming:  Rosie.  He fumbles the catch knowing his sister is on her way and she's going to claim the Flying Squirrel as her own.

 Yup! There she is.  "Mine!" says Rosie.

Rudy gives it up (he always does), 
but decides a little tandem retrieving is in order.

Rosie guards her treasure.

A little sniff never hurts while you're 
waiting on your brother to come try and get it.

She successfully called dibs on the Flying Squirrel, 
but now watches Rudy and hopes he'll come play with her again.  
Silly girl.  Rudy is all done with arguing with the girl!

Sort like the cheese stands alone!


  1. Rosie, you have to let the boy win once in a while, so he will stay interested in playing! LOL
    It's good to see them having some fun!

  2. So nice they are so good together with playing!

  3. So cute. It's only fun to have The Thing if everypawdy else wants The Thing! :)

  4. Oh boy does Charlie wish he was there playing with you! That flying squirrel is one of his favorite toys!

  5. Rudy is my favourite doggy.Rossie is so jealous !

  6. It definitely looks like a flying squirrel. I've never seen it by Chuckit. I'll have to research it for my golden retrievers.

  7. Looks like such a fun toy. Rosie and Rudy are super adorable, and I’m glad to see them having a fun day of playing! :)


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