Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rudy the Turtle Retriever

This is the face of a turtle retriever.

Yep.  Rudy becomes obsessed with turtles every spring when they're on the move.  Not only does he patrol our fenced in backyard for them, he seems to have a sixth sense when one is near.  

He could be in what looks like a dead sleep, then suddenly leap to his feet and run to the door.

Sure enough... just moments later I hear the telltale thunk of another turtle being dropped onto the deck.

You see, he retrieves them.  Brings them to the door and waits for someone to come get them and carry them out of the yard.

We average a turtle a day.  Once in awhile - no turtles. However, some days we may have 3 or 4.  Most are box turtles like this one.

The other day Rudy managed to find a huge snapper.  No, he didn't retrieve it.  He woofed twice.  Since Rudy hardly ever barks, I came running.  A little work with a shovel and that mean snapper was out of the yard and on his way.

You might be wondering if Rosie retrieves turtles, too.  Nope.  In fact, Rosie isn't interested in them at all.   Must be one of those boy things...  or maybe she's waiting until we have some turtle soup!


  1. Oh good boy Rudy to sound the alarm on the snapper! This story brought back memories of the time our son wanted to keep the big snapping turtle he had under the bed. He's lucky to still have 10 fingers!

    1. OMG! He really is lucky to still have fingers! Those suckers are mean. This one Rudy was guarding was snap, snap, snapping like crazy.

  2. Yikes! I'm scared of turtles and Mom is afraid of snappers, so we stay clear!

  3. That is too funny! Rudy is pretty smart, not trying to pick up the Snapper!

  4. Wow are you close to water? I couldn't imagine a turtle just dropping on the porch! I'm not sure if Taffy or I would do this, I'm afraid we would eat them. Love Dolly

  5. That is so funny. Gosh, I can't imagine! We don't have turtles just roaming around here!

  6. Oh boy, I am constantly surprised at the things my dogs hear. Once in NC there was a turtle in the road and I encouraged Sampson to sniff it. Turns out it was a snapper and he got him right on the nose. Boy did I feel horrible about that. I think I might have run that stupid turtle over with the car. Just kidding! I wouldn't do that!!

  7. What a pretty turtle. He is a retriever you know.


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