Friday, March 6, 2015

Employee Appreciation Day at For Love of a Dog Jewelry and Talking Dog Blog

Though I appreciated my canine assistants every day, today is Employee Appreciation DayWithout them there would be no For Love of a Dog Jewelry or Talking Dogs blog.

Jeffie takes his duties as Head of Security, very seriously.  Just ask the UPS and FedEx guys!  In addition, he's my right hand man.  Whenever he senses I'm upset, you'll find him by my side with a paw on my leg to comfort me and remind me what's really important in life.

As I box and wrap jewelry purchases for shipping, Jeffie keeps an eye on the yard from the front porch of my jewelry studio.  My Head of Shipping, Rudy, is right there with me making sure the ribbons are tied, the shipping labels affixed and there's a little dog hair included in each package.  He also loves to ride along for any trip to the Post Office.

Though the image above says Rosie is still an Apprentice, she's really a Jill of all trades.  Security may not be her favorite duty, but she likes to help with shipping and often provides support and inspiration for new dog jewelry.

No Employee Appreciation Day would be complete without honoring Tucker and Lucy B.  Though gone from this earth, they still are very much in my heart.

Tucker was the original blogger here at Talking Dogs blog, in addition to his security duties.

Without Lucy B there likely would never have been any For Love of a Dog Jewelry.  Not only the dog in my business logo, she was, and continues to be, my inspiration and my heart dog .


  1. What a great tribute!! I definitely would be here doing this if it weren't for my goldens! :)

  2. Hugs to your employee's! They are all wonderful and I'm glad they are there for you!

  3. What a great group of employees and it is wonderful you appreciate their efforts!

  4. What a sweet post! That Lucy B was sure a beauty! And Rita loves it that Jeffie is head of security, because that's her job here at Chez Bouchard as well!

  5. You have a great and truly dedicated group of employees there!

  6. I love this. I love how your dogs are your support staff, and also your inspiration for your jewelry business. No wonder you make such beautiful jewelry and have a successful business!

  7. Excellent appreciation! These great dogs really help you do a great business!


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