Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thank You to Chewy for Custom Dog Portraits

This has been a dismal winter so far.  Very little snow and a whole lot of rain and ice.  Into this doom and gloom came the UPS man - which already brightened Jeffie's day - who brought us some sunshine in the form of very special gifts from!

Not one, but two lovely personalized paintings along with a cheerful message thanking us for being a part of the Chewy family of pet bloggers!

Since all of our packages from Chewy contain dog food, treats, supplements or toys, Rudy tried to give his present a taste test.  Relax. Rudy has a good sense of humor (and a very soft mouth) and he was only kidding. No dog art was harmed in any way.

These beautiful customized portraits of Jeffie and Rudy were commissioned by Chewy from Lauren Hammack.   Lauren is a professional artist in Atlanta, GA and specializes in custom animal portraits at her business Off the Wall Paintings.and she has done quite a few paintings for Chewy friends.

We love our paintings!  Thanks, Chewy!


  1. We love Chewy! You portraits look great!

  2. Wow, very nice portraits! We did not receive any portraits, and are feeling very slighted by Chewy. :)

  3. chewy has been wonderful to everyone sending out their portraits and yours look totally awesome

  4. Those are awesome. I love how she captured the heart on Jeffie's head. How is he doing?


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