Monday, March 15, 2010

Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in St Petersburg FL

The Purina Incredible Dog Challenge is coming to St. Petersburg, Florida on April 16-17, down at Spa Beach Park. With a variety of canine competitions on the waterfront, it’s an exciting local event for residents and visitors alike! Another cool reason to attend is that the 35th Annual Mainsail Arts Festival is also a part of the excitement in the park, kicking off on Saturday, April 17.

Dogs, owners and pet enthusiasts will journey to Spa Beach Park in St. Petersburg to compete in and watch the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. This one-of-a-kind canine competition showcases the world’s most athletic dogs and their trainers. Events include agility, flying disc, Jack Russell hurdle races, head-to-head 60-weave pole and the crowd favorite, dog diving.

All events are free and open to the public. For more info visit

Event Schedule Friday, April 16
9:00 AM Swim Race Registration
9:30 AM Swim Race Exhibition
10:00 AM Competitor Registration & Head Shots
11:00 PM Competitor Meeting and Lunch
12:00 PM Incredible Agility Practice
12:45 PM Incredible Diving Dog Practice
1:15 PM Incredible Jack Russell Hurdle Racing Practice
2:00 PM Incredible 30-Weave Pole Practice
2:00 PM Qualifying Sign-Up and Registration
2:45 PM Incredible Freestyle Flying Disc Practice
3:15 PM Incredible Freestyle Flying Disc Qualifying
3:30 PM Incredible Diving Dog Qualifying

Event Schedule Saturday, April 17
11:00 AM Agility Course Inspection
11:20 AM Agility Forerunners
11:25 AM National Anthem
11:30 AM Incredible Agility - Large & Small
12:30 PM Incredible Diving Dog Competition
1:15 PM Incredible Jack Russell Hurdle Racing
2:00 PM Incredible Head-to-Head 30-Weave Pole Racing
2:45 PM Incredible Freestyle Flying Disc

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