Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Penny Solution

Everyone at my house is upset. We live in Missouri - the state that is called puppy mill capital of the US. As though that was not shameful enough, we now know that we live in a barbaric county of that state.

Late last week the local Humane Society, along with the town mayor, appeared before the county commissioners to request funding from the county. The Mayor offered to expand animal control services outside the city limits, but of course, the city needs funding assistance to provide this.

Mind you, the Humane Society has been asking for funding assistance from the county for over fifteen years with absolutely no success. The usual reason: just not enough money in the budget. However, this year these three duly elected County Commissioners have a new reason which they shared.

According to these wise men, our county has no need for such services. Their noble solution to the increasing numbers of strays? Shoot them. Shotgun shells are cheap.

We shouldn't be surprised. Last fall the sheriff's office was called in to one of the local landfills due to a "pack" of stray dogs that were hanging around. Did they call the Humane Society? No. They shot them. There was a flurry of letters to the editor of the local newspaper after that incident. But that sheriff was re-elected to office soon afterward.

Howling mad,

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