Thursday, July 24, 2008

We have a new cat!

Here she is - doing her Sphinx pose. Skeeter was a stray that we rescued. Luckily she's obviously used to dogs, since she now has 3 canine siblings. Lucy and Tucker were absolutely thrilled. I think they've missed Petey more than we knew.

Jeffie is another story. He'd never seen a feline in his whole little life and it's taking some getting used to. He is both terrified and fascinated. In fact, obsessed would not be going too far to describe it. Skeeter rapidly figured out that he was pretty much harmless and she's shown much patience and restraint!

Skeeter was a city girl who is slowly embracing the country life. To our knowledge she's not ventured out to the barn to meet the horses yet. She sticks close to the house and her source of food! Each and every day she is getting more comfortable and her sweet personality is revealed.

What fun!

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