Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dog and Cat Email Greetings

Have you heard of Petcentric yet? It's a new Purina web site that has some great stuff. Including wonderful DOGGIE-MAIL AND KITTIE-MAIL. Customized email messages with a talking dog or cat!

I tried it out yesterday and it's simply lots of fun. They have 3 standard dogs and 3 standard cats. One of the dogs looks very much like Jeffie, so I used that one. You can add different backgrounds, accessories (Jeffie in a cowboy hat), wardrobe (there's even a feather boa). Then you can add your message with their voices (text to voices) or even record you own! When I got finished playing, I realized that you can even upload your own pet's photo to further personalize the email.

You've just GOT to try this! Hey... I forgot to mention... it's FREE!

Have fun!

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